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Jabez Therapy Ranch contracted us to design and develop their God inspired non-profit organization.  They really loved the idea of using their horses that are put out to pasture due to old age, to help young children with disabilities.  The client was very pleased to see the true gentle spirit of these giants portrayed beautifully on their website.
Derrick Drover is an up and coming rising gospel singer.  He is multi talented and can play any instrument that God places in his hands.  He is a gifted preacher and an awesome singer.  He quoted, "I only want the best to design my website and marketing materials".
With the RCO Enterprises site, Barry is showing off his ability to create a "zen cart" shopping cart.

Metamorphosis is a company founded by a single mom where she started making creams in her kitchen 25 years ago.  Today, she is becoming the leader in all natural facial products for men and women.  Her product was launched in 2009 and was invited to participate in introducing her product at the 2010 Grammy bags and was GOLD 1st Place - METAMORPHOSIS Botanical face wash was featured at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, skincare category.

As Dwight worked with the teachers and administration at God's Lake Narrows School, in Northern Manitoba, what emerged was not just an attractive forum for communicating news to the local community. The Photo Gallery started to have "a life of its own" and became the favourite element of the site for many.

The pastor of the Mount Salem Evangelical Mennonite church had an idea to create a website where people can share their belongings with others that cannot afford to buy things like snowblowers, camping equipment and nursery furniture.  We were able to work together and bring this idea to life.