Teaching Jobs in Northern Manitoba

The purpose of this page is to show that we can get a number one page rank for the phrase teaching jobs in Northern Manitoba. Why would we want to do that you might ask? I guess you could say it's to prove a point, that we understand how to get exposure online.

Education Conference

In June 2010 we took part in the Lighting the Fire Education conference in Winnipeg Manitoba. This conference was attended by teachers and administrators from native and aboriginal schools from across Canada. Something we wanted to show visitors was how many teaching jobs are being searched for online today. For example, in Canada in one month there are more than 60,000 searches on Google alone that contain the words "teaching jobs". Of course this would include all types of jobs - primary and secondary school teachers, public and private school teachers and so on. It would also be searches done from across Canada by people that may be looking for teaching jobs anywhere in the world, not just in Northern Manitoba for example, if that happens to be where the particular aboriginal community and school are located.

How To Cost Effectively Connect With Your Target Market

What we stressed is that if you have a specific target market you can effectively reach them through longer search terms. A private aboriginal school in an isolated Northern Manitoba community will likely be suited to a very specific type of teacher. Finding search terms that may not generate volumes of traffic, but generate very targeted and qualified traffic can be much more cost effective and rewarding.

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