God's Lake Narrows School - Students Playing

What would you like to know about God's Lake Narrows School?

Our school has approximately 400 students divided into Elementary (Nursery to Grade 6), Middle School (Grade 7 and 8) and High School (Grade 9). Students are transported to school by bus and are offered lunch courtesy of our School Committee.

Subjects Offered

English Language Arts
Social Studies
Social Skills
Cree Language
Outdoor Education
Industrial Arts
Home Economics
Information Technology
Physical Education

Additional Programs

Speech and Language Support
Careers Promotion and Awareness (CPA)

School Wide Events

Farewell Feast
Jigging Contest
Hallowe’en Costume Contest
Hallowe’en Dance
Spirit Week
Class Contests
Alcohol and Drug Awareness Week
Casanova Kings Comedy Troupe
Remembrance Day Ceremony
Christmas Concert
Hockey Tournament
Science Fair
Valentine’s Dance
DARE Workshop (RCMP)
Winter Carnival
Spring Cleanup
Career Symposium
Sports Day
Graduation K and 9
Elementary Awards Ceremonies (Monthly)
Middle School Award Ceremonies (Term)
High School Award Ceremonies (Semester)

School and Community Sports Teams

Indoor Soccer
Floor Hockey
Ice Hockey
Cross-Country Running
Bat and Ball
Outdoor Soccer
Canoe Quest

Our teams have traveled to various communities around the province and country including the North American Indigenous Games.

Co-Curricular Activities

Junior Chief and Council
Arts and Crafts
Square Dancing & Jigging
Roots and Shoots
Intramural Games

Cultural Activities

Cree Language
Outdoor Education
Junior Chief and Council
Aboriginal Solidarity Campaign
Arts and Crafts
Square Dancing & Jigging
Visits from Elders
Aboriginal Justice Awareness Recognition
Bat and Ball Teams
Aboriginal Veterans’ Ceremony
Farewell Feast
Jigging Contest
Honoring Elders
Hunting trips
Canoe Quest

School Wide Rules and Expectations

As a student of God’s Lake Narrow School, you have the right to be treated with respect and dignity. You are expected to behave responsibly and work diligently. Doing so will indicate that you have a high level of self-esteem and the characteristics of successful students. You share this school with many other people. You are expected to help it function effectively by treating both your fellow students and the God’s Lake Narrows School Staff with Courtesy, by displaying a positive attitude and by using language that is appropriate. If you meet these expectations, you will encourage the community to assist you in achieving your goals.

1. Ipods, cameras, cell phones, mp3, Gameboys, diskmen, walkmans, CD players, Nintendo games and Nintendo DS, or any other form of listening device is strictly prohibited.

2. Fire alarms/fires/burning is strictly prohibited.

3. Bullying will not be tolerated. Teasing, name calling, pushing/shoving, swearing, assaulting, threatening, intimidating, fighting, kicking,punching, harassing, etc. are all examples of bullying.

4. No smoking

5. Keep your feet and hands to yourself at all times.

6. Gum, candy, sunflower seeds, pop and other food stuff is prohibited.

7. Remove all outdoor footwear at the school entranceway.

8. Do not disturb other classes, students, teachers or other school personnel.

9. Use hall passes when leaving your classroom. Only one hall pas per student, male and female.

10. All students are responsible for their materials that are required for each class, eg., binders, books, pens, pencils, rulers, etc.

11. Bandanas, gang-related colors, or other forms of gang-related attire is strictly prohibited.

12. All students are responsible for ensuring that all school rules and expectations are followed in a respectful and diligent manner including removal of neckwarmers, jackets, coats, mittens, gloves etc.